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Hair accessories are taking on the role of being a proactive focus in beauty and fashion rather than taking a backseat. Many hair accessories such as scrunchies and headbands are certainly making a comeback into today’s fashion. This summer has seen a rise of people using hair accessories, and this trend will continue to grow stronger into the autumn and winter months.

It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly hair accessories started trending, but they’ve been having a renaissance for about the past year or so. It started innocently with some scrunchies from Mansur Gacriel and that quickly escalated with a £315 crystal Gucci hair clip that took over Instagram.

For most of us, barrettes and hair brooches are not part of our everyday look, but it’s a known fact that they add something special to an evening look. You don’t have to save these bejewelled for fancy events, though – their whole point is to add that touch of magic to everyday life.

As a creative team Fowler35 used a selection of patterned hair pins and hair clips to accompany the models braids and waves; giving almost a vintage feel to the style.

The right hair accessory can go with any hairstyle, for example, hairpins and velvet headbands are massively in trend now. Hairpins look amazing with a gelled slicked back low-ponytail; and a stylish slicked-back ponytail can be achieved with the L’Oréal Fix Max extra hold hair gel. Once some pin clips are added the ponytail looks hugely dressed up.

If you want to go for a more vintage look, try styling your hair with waves and leaving it out; accompanied with a velvet headband, for a super stylish but laid back look.

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