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Hair Tinting at Fowler35

Looking for the best Hair Tinting Specialists in London? Different people pursue hair colouring treatments for a variety of reasons. Some individuals tint their hair just to break out of the vicious cycle of their life routine and want something lively. While others might do this just to hide their grey hair. Regardless of the reasons that convinced you for this pleasant change, tinting hair would definitely enhance your personality in a dramatic way. Tinting your hair leaves a subtle “tint” of your favourite colours to your hair, and we’re crushing hard on this trend. It’s the latest It-Girl style, and it’s the latest obsession with all our favourite celebrities and starlets. If you want to learn more about hair tinting, then keep scrolling:

What is Hair Tint?

Before jumping on to the benefits of tinting it is crucial to spell out one thing. There are many individuals who believe that dying your hair and tints are the same thing. That is not true though. Tinting Hair involves colouring your hair for a short term. This process deposits the chosen colour merely on the outer layer of your hair. It does not detract your hair’s original pigment. Hair dyeing, conversely, is a process that permanently lifts hair’s original colour by depositing a different shade deep into your hair.

When it comes to the ingredients of tints and dyes, the later logically has stronger chemicals as it is meant to permanently change the colour of your hair. Dyes are generally made up of various oxidizing agents like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and potassium persulfate. Tinting hair colours have an alcohol or water base that is amalgamated with different colouring agents. Some other ingredients, like silicone, might also be utilized in order to get the desired shine.

Hair Tinting

Positive Impacts of Tinting Hair

  • Added Thickness – When you make use of a good quality colour it plumps the threads of your hair. Consequently, it can make your hair considerably thicker. Even though it happens temporarily, tinting hair is good for you since it applies a coating that increases the volume of your hair.
  • Shine – Tinting hair by subtly choosing a wider array of colours can allow you to create diversified hues that are capable of attracting and reflecting light in different dimensions. It would surely make your hair look more appealing and vibrant.
  • Fantabulous Results – By completing the colouring procedure with the help of well trained and experienced professionals, you can surely get glossy, beautiful hair in no time.
  • Overall Improved Appearance – Tinting your hair is a fantastic way to modify and enhance your overall appearance by keeping your personality and mood into consideration. Changing the colour of your hair can make you an entirely different person. If carried out correctly, it can accomplish wonders for you.
  • Customized Colours – With the help of well reputed hair stylists you can easily manage to attain some magnificent customized results that accurately depict your distinctive personality. Choosing the right hair colour can always help you in standing out of the crowd.
  • Stronger Hair – It might surprise you a little, but it is true that tinting hair can increase the strength of your hair. Colours made by credible brands have a special coating that can make the strands of your hair considerably stronger. So, if you have slightly damaged or weak hair, colouring can replenish its overall strength.

Not sure what Hair Tint that's best for you?

Don’t worry; We are offering all our new clients a 15-minute complimentary consultation. In your consultation our colour specialists will do a thorough examination of your hair type, texture and your face type, advising you just the right look. Give us a call on 020 7580 3449 or book online today to get the best Hair Tint in London!

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