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At fowler35, we specialise in hair tinting, a classic yet versatile colouring technique perfect for those looking to disguise greys or switch to a more permanent colour. Our skilled colour specialists are experts in elevating this traditional service, whether you desire a root tint with a secondary tone for a natural look or complete coverage to confidently blend away white hair with striking accents.

What is Hair Tint?

Hair tinting is a durable colouring option ideal for achieving full coverage. Utilising top-tier L’Oréal Professional products, we offer both traditional and Ammonia-Free oil delivery formulas to cater to all sensitivity needs. Before you book your appointment, join us for a complimentary consultation and patch test to determine the best product for your hair goals.

Custom Colour and Enhanced Texture

Hair tint is not just about colour—it also adds lustre and texture. Our wide selection of shades ensures that you can find your perfect colour tailored to enhance your unique style and tonal preferences. Hair tints can also volumise by sealing the hair shaft, providing both rich colour and the illusion of thicker hair.

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Advanced Techniques for Diverse Looks

Our colour specialist highlights, “Years of innovation in colour technology have transformed hair tinting from a basic necessity to a dynamic tool. Now, we can create anything from deep, luxurious brunettes to vibrant reds.” Remember, hair tints cannot lighten the pre-existing colour, making our pre-service consultations essential for anyone considering a colour change.

Maintain Your Glossy, Vibrant Color

Our stylists recommend, “To keep your colour vibrant and your hair glossy, opt for one of our in-salon treatments during your visit. Also, don’t forget to take home a bespoke fowler35 coloured conditioner to prolong your new hue.”

Benefits of Professional Hair Tinting

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  • Added Volume: High-quality tint plumps hair, temporarily enhancing its thickness.
  • Enhanced Shine: Carefully selected colors can create a multifaceted shine, making your hair look vibrant and full of life.
  • Stunning Results: With our experienced professionals, achieve glossy, enviable hair quickly.
  • Improved Appearance: A new hair color can completely refresh your look, reflecting your personality and mood.
  • Customized Colors: Our expert stylists can craft a color that truly represents your individuality.
  • Stronger Hair: Quality tints strengthen hair strands, making them resilient and robust.

Book Your Hair Tint Consultation in London

Unsure about the best hair tint for you? We offer all new clients a 15-minute complimentary consultation. Our colour specialists will assess your hair type, texture, and overall aesthetics to recommend the perfect tint. Call us at 020 7580 3449 or book online to discover the best hair tinting service in London!

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