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Hair Tinting at Fowler35

Whether looking to disguise greys or to go for a more permanent colour, tinting is the option for you. Hair tinting is a more traditional form of colouring but with the help of our colour specialists, this hair colour is one that can be elevated using a range of techniques. Whether it is a root tint with a secondary tone taken through the ends for that natural, effortless look or combined with other services to ensure 100% white hair coverage with boulder accents.

Hair Tinting

What is Hair Tint?

Hair Tinting is a more permanent colouring service that benefits those looking for 100% coverage. Working with L’Oréal Professional colours, there are two options when considering permanently tinting your hair. Alongside our traditional tinting product, we also provide an Ammonia-Free oil delivery option for those sensitive to hair colour. Our award-winning colourists can direct you to the right product with our complimentary consultation and patch test before you come in for your service.

Hair Tinting can add shine all over coverage and texture. With a wide range of colours and tones, our stylists will ensure you achieve your dream colour, tailored to your individual character and tonal palette. Hair tint is a rich, dense colour that can create the illusion of more volume and seal the hair shaft for optimum colour results.

Our Colour specialist Vas, says, “Hair tinting is a technique we have been using for years to disguise grey hair. However, with considerable advancements in colour technology, it can be so much more. With an array of tones, it can be used to create a multitude of looks, from rich, luxurious brunettes to warm, effervescent reds to change up your look. It is important to consider that tint cannot lift pre-existing tint, so a pre-visit consultation is key, especially if you’re thinking of changing your colour.”

Sara adds, “To ensure your colour doesn’t fade and to keep that glossy, salon look, I would recommend one of our in-salon treatments during your visit, and don’t forget to take home a bespoke f35 coloured conditioner!”

Positive Impacts of Tinting Hair

  • Added Thickness – When you make use of a good quality colour it plumps the threads of your hair. Consequently, it can make your hair considerably thicker. Even though it happens temporarily, tinting hair is good for you since it applies a coating that increases the volume of your hair.
  • Shine – Tinting hair by subtly choosing a wider array of colours can allow you to create diversified hues that are capable of attracting and reflecting light in different dimensions. It would surely make your hair look more appealing and vibrant.
  • Fantabulous Results – By completing the colouring procedure with the help of well trained and experienced professionals, you can surely get glossy, beautiful hair in no time.
  • Overall Improved Appearance – Tinting your hair is a fantastic way to modify and enhance your overall appearance by keeping your personality and mood into consideration. Changing the colour of your hair can make you an entirely different person. If carried out correctly, it can accomplish wonders for you.
  • Customized Colours – With the help of well reputed hair stylists you can easily manage to attain some magnificent customized results that accurately depict your distinctive personality. Choosing the right hair colour can always help you in standing out of the crowd.
  • Stronger Hair – It might surprise you a little, but it is true that tinting hair can increase the strength of your hair. Colours made by credible brands have a special coating that can make the strands of your hair considerably stronger. So, if you have slightly damaged or weak hair, colouring can replenish its overall strength.

Not sure what Hair Tint that's best for you?

Don’t worry; we offer all our new clients a 15-minute complimentary consultation. In your consultation, our colour specialists will thoroughly examine your hair type, texture and face type, advising you on the right look. Call us at 020 7580 3449 or book online today to get the best Hair Tint in London!