Hair Straightening

For smooth and silky lengths with Lakme Aura

Unveil the Beauty of Straight, Silky Hair

Introducing Aura, the revolutionary biotechnological hair treatment that transcends conventional straightening methods. Aura harnesses the power of premium hyaluronic acid, derived through a sustainable fermentation process, to deliver unparalleled results.

Why Choose Lakme Aura Hair Straightening?

  • Dermatologically Tested: Rest assured, Aura is rigorously tested to ensure safety and efficacy for all hair types.
  • Formaldehyde-Free: Say goodbye to harmful chemicals. Aura’s formula is free from formaldehyde, prioritizing the health of your hair.
  • Extraordinary Results: Experience highly texturized, shiny, silky, and soft hair like never before.
  • Manageability Redefined: Enjoy more manageable hair with faster and easier drying, saving you precious time and effort.
  • Long-Lasting Effects: Revel in the benefits of Aura for 4 to 6 months, maintaining your stunning straight hair for an extended period.
Lakme Aura Hair Straightening

Hair Straightening in London

AURA offers a ritual with greater straightening power and frizz control.
The technical team at Lakmé Studio presents 3 hyaluroplasty treatments with unbeatable results.


Lakme Aura Hair straightening

Perfectly straightens hair, giving it an extremely natural look and  extraordinary texture.


Lakme Aura

Softens hair, eliminates frizz, controls volume in just one hour.


Lakme Aura

An intense flash of hydration and beauty. Silky, shiny hair.

Unlock the Power of Hyaluronic Acid

Aura’s premium hyaluronic acid complex offers intense hydration and protection, enhancing shine and creating an anti-pollution barrier for your hair.

Experience Hyaluroplasty

Discover three hyaluroplasty treatments tailored to your specific needs:

  • Excellence: Perfectly straightens hair with an extraordinarily natural look and feel.
  • Express: Softens hair, eliminates frizz, and controls volume in just one hour.
  • Beauty: Delivers an intense flash of hydration and beauty, leaving your hair silky and shiny.

The Essence of Premium Hair Care

Embark on a transformative journey with Lakme Aura, featuring three phases for a unique salon experience:

  1. Micellar Shampoo: Deep cleansing action with an alkaline pH to open the cuticle, preparing your hair for the treatment.
  2. Active Treatment: Powerful straightening action and immediate anti-frizz effect, restoring your hair’s natural beauty.
  3. Hyaluronic Mask: Indulge in intense hydration and cuticle sealing, while benefiting from protection and an anti-pollution barrier effect.

Hair Straightening: Frequently Asked Questions

In general, about 2 to 3 hours, but hair length, type, thickness and texture should be taken into account.

Hair can be colored 24 hours after treatment, after washing the hair.

A flat iron with titanium plates and with a maximum temperature setting of 230º should be used.

We recommend using a sulfate-free shampoos such as: Shu Uemura Colour Lustre Shampoo, Aura Botanica, Oway shampoo or Kérastase Chronologiste Shampoo. All available at fowler35 London Hair Salon.

This treatment is compatible with all chemicals. However, we do not recommend applying hyaluroplasty on hair treated with henna or metallic dyes as these types of dye create a layer that prevents the product from penetrating the hair fiber.

There seem to be no contraindications, but just to be sure, we recommend checking with your doctor.

No. It is 100% free of ammonia and formaldehyde . The product neither contains nor releases any of these chemical products during application.

Yes, you can wash the hair on the day of treatment.

AURA not only straightens, but also softens hair fiber and eliminates frizz in extreme humidity. It enhances natural shine and achieves an optimal state of beauty and health for your hair.

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