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Hair Gloss and temporary colour at Fowler35

For those wanting a tonal change or a colour which doesn’t leave you with a harsh regrowth, glossing and temporary colours are preferable. The difference between a hair gloss and a temporary colour are:

  • Hair glossing uses a quasi-permanent colour, which provides around 70% of white hair coverage, so those looking for denser coverage should consider permanent tinting. For those looking for a tonal change or a softer product, then glossing is for you.
  • Glossing cannot lift your natural colour and will either be similar in depth or darker. Perfect for those looking for that sumptuous, rich, enviable glossy hair.
  • Hair gloss grows out softly.
  • Temporary colours are our semi-permanent services, and these are often used to tone down unwanted brassiness in hair and sit on top of the hair cuticle to beautify and create bespoke shades.

Our colour specialist Vas adds, “Hair glossing can be used in hand with other colour services to ensure we tailor the tone to suit your needs as well as work with your natural colouring and enhance your hair colour”.

Our fowler35 touch of blush bespoke colour conditioner will maintain your tone until your next visit, whilst Kerastase Fusio Dose treatments are a perfect addition to ensure your gloss is locked in. Shu-Uemura Color Lustre is the perfect accompaniment to these services as it is sulphate free, gentle and will prolong that beautiful glossy hair look after your visit to Fowler35.

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What makes hair lose its shine?

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The hair cuticle reflects light and produces a shiny appearance when it is smooth. Heat styling, hair dye, and exposure to chlorine, sun, and saltwater are common culprits for wearing out the hair cuticle. Once the cuticle is damaged, the shine fades away.

What do we mean when we say ‘hair gloss’?

A hair gloss is essentially a shine treatment for coloured-strands, kind of like the nail equivalent of an ultra-shiny nail colour topcoat or lip gloss. The anticipated outcome of using a hair gloss is a more vibrant and longer-lasting colour hue, as well as decreasing frizzy hair, split ends, and overall dryness. Hair glosses, based on the type, can also occasionally be used to tone your colour.

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That means they can be used to decrease brassiness or bring out undertones. Hair glosses are precisely formulated for use on colour-treated strands since the chemicals used in some hair dyes can result in dryness, weakness, and damaged hair. We recommend hair gloss as a sort of refresher treatment for your current colour, helping revive and enhance both your strands and your shade.

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Why should you consult fowler35 experts for your hair gloss?

The ultimate and the safest way of using a hair gloss is to book an appointment with an expert colourist at Fowler35 (specially endorsed for first-timers). Our goal with every gloss treatment is one: To add shine and maintain your hue. Consulting a professional at Fowler35’s hair gloss treatment salon means that you will get a more customised formula since we mix up each gloss individually for every client.


If you have coloured hair in any form— highlighted, bleached, or dyed all-over—you should go for a hair gloss! Anyone with coloured strands that are showing damage or appearing dull to any degree can benefit from our hair gloss treatment. You can always consult with our stylist about whether they’d suggest you use a hair gloss and also which products to go for!

How does Hair Gloss help with handling brassiness or discolouration?

A gloss can help fine-tune a shade to be more even, darken, or brighten the existing colour. Fowler35 experts will examine your hair and create a bespoke hair gloss colour for your hair and lifestyle. We have clients who enjoy coming in for a gloss more frequently because of the high shine and the subtle difference in the hair.

For red/strawberry blonde: Red is one of the colours that fade very fast. Glosses are more frequent depending on how saturated your colour is. Dark red or auburn hair tends to need less colour, while strawberry blondes need more upkeep.

For dark/ light blonde: Depending on the tone of hair—think of silver-blondes or very pale white—glosses tend to be done more frequently.

Darker hair: If you have darker hair you can get away with colouring your hair less often. However, a Hair Gloss Treatment can bring the shine back to your hair.

How long does a Hair gloss typically take?

Not long at all, usually, a hair gloss takes between five to 30 minutes depending on the thickness and condition of your hair. However, your Hair colourist will regularly check on your hair during the process because everyone’s hair has different porosity. Some Hair Glosses can grab quickly, but maybe someone with thicker hair may take longer.

Not sure if Hair Gloss is for you?

Don’t worry; We are offering all our new clients a 15-minute complimentary consultation. In your consultation our colour specialists will do a thorough examination of your hair type, texture and your face type, advising you just the right look. Give us a call on 020 7580 3449 or book online today to get the best Gloss Treatment in London!