(Senior Hair Stylist & Colourist)

Greg has a career in hairdressing spanning nearly 40 years, and he’s worked for some of the finest salons and biggest names in the country. He’s demonstrated his skills alongside the best of British hairdressers on platforms across the continent. With his wealth of knowledge, he ran his own salon, was a regional finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards, and has worked as an educator, making appearances on TV.

Greg understands the importance of marrying the shape of the cut to the placement of colour, especially when you want to create the illusion of depth when working with rich, deep, beautiful, multi-tonal balayage or detailing a delicate outline of a shimmering geometric. He’s happy to let his guests drive and deliver exactly what they want. He is always ready to recommend some more personal, bespoke ideas if they’re thinking about making a statement about who they are.

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More About Greg

I love a set of elegant highlights, a sharp, chic geometric shape, or something with soft, choppy texture: seeing the huge smile on my client’s faces as I’m finishing their look.

I can tackle even the most complex and challenging applications.  The best skill of any good hairdresser though is listening; consultation is key to happy, loyal clients.

It’s fun getting to know my clients, and the more insight I get into their lives and backgrounds, the better I can deliver easy-to-manage, wearable, beautiful hair that’s a bespoke, perfect fit just for them.   

My mum was a barmaid and when I was a toddler, she used to ask me to back comb her crown to cover her dark roots every night before she went to work. I’ve loved doing hair ever since!

I’ve got a sixth sense in understanding which style choices are going to work best with my client’s features, lifestyle, and personal image.  

My true passion is for hair, of course, but expressing my creativity in other areas is important to me.  I’m an avid amateur classical pianist, especially Chopin, and I love cooking, especially cakes and curries! 

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