Refund Policy

Even with the highest standards of precision and care, sometimes the outcome of a styling session might not perfectly align with your expectations. Please be assured, this is quite normal and nothing to be concerned about.

At Fowler35, our foremost goal is to ensure you absolutely love your look.

Fowler35’s Refund Policy

We are devoted to providing superior hair care experiences at Fowler35, and your complete satisfaction is our priority. If any aspect of your hair service does not meet your expectations, we are here to address and resolve your concerns.

Adjustments to Your Hair

We place full confidence in our highly skilled stylists to resolve any issues, ensuring that you leave our salon feeling elegant and assured. Here are the steps we follow to address adjustments:

  1. Reach Out: If you feel any dissatisfaction with our service, please contact us within 7 days of your visit. You can reach us by phone at 020 75803449 or by email at Please provide your full name, the date of your appointment, a detailed description of the issue, and, if possible, photographs for reference.

  2. Initial Consultation: After receiving your feedback, we will consult with your stylist and thoroughly review your concerns. A further consultation may be scheduled, either through email or in person, to discuss the situation and determine the best way forward.

  3. Hair Adjustment Session: Following this consultation, our stylist will work with you to fine-tune your hairstyle to your satisfaction. This adjustment will be conducted at no additional cost during a follow-up appointment at your convenience.

  4. Final Evaluation: We will assess the adjustments together to ensure all your concerns have been addressed and you are completely happy with the result.

Our commitment at Fowler35 is to ensure that each client leaves our salon thrilled with their hair, wearing a smile of satisfaction. We deeply value the trust you place in us and are committed to fulfilling your expectations. If you need further information about our Refund Policy or have other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your continued patronage and are excited to welcome you back soon.

Warm regards,
Darren Fowler
Company Director

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