Hair Foils (Highlights)

Revolutionise Your Look with Hair Foils in London

Since their debut in the 80s, hair foils have evolved into a staple of hair colouring excellence. Today, our salon leads the way with innovative foil techniques, offering everything from delicate ‘babylights’ for a subtle enhancement to dramatic panelling that contrasts dark and light shades for a bold statement. Tailored to harmonise with your individual skin tone and hair needs, our stylists use their expertise to select the perfect foil technique for you.

Expert Advice from Our Top Stylists

Our stylists note, “The level of lift you desire for your hair will determine the frequency of your visits. It’s crucial to consider your natural undertones to achieve a complementary colour that truly enhances your look.” Our comprehensive range of foil placements includes face-framing highlights, uniform all-over highlights, and partial highlighting to achieve your desired level of drama or subtlety.

At fowler35, we prioritise the health of your hair. Alongside our foil services, we offer bonding treatments to ensure that your hair remains strong and resilient, maintaining its integrity even after colouring.

Hair highlights for light/pale skin

Tailored Hair Foils for Every Skin Tone

For Pale Skin
hair Highlights for pale/light skin

Enhance your pale complexion with striking contrasts using dark browns or black, or opt for reds and blondes for a softer look. Specific shades like mocha brown, violet red, and icy blondes are specially chosen to complement cooler undertones, while champagne and platinum are perfect for adding a luminous touch.

For Brown Skin
Hair Highlights for brown skin

Warm skin tones glow beautifully with rich, warm colours. Opt for golden browns, dark blondes, caramel, or honey-shaded blondes to highlight your natural radiance. Avoid colours that blend too closely with your skin tone to prevent a washed-out appearance.

For Dark Skin
Hair Highlights for dark skin

Create captivating contrast with colours darker or lighter than your natural skin tone. Choices like inky black, dark espresso, toffee, and mahogany are ideal for enhancing the natural beauty of darker skin.

Tailored Hair Foils for Every Skin Tone

Unsure about which highlights to choose? Begin with our complimentary 15-minute consultation. Our colour specialists will thoroughly assess your hair type, texture, and facial features, guiding you towards the most flattering foil highlights. Call us at 020 7580 3449 or book online to discover why we offer the best hair foils and highlights in London.

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