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We opt for More Than Just Length; We Create Flawlessly Beautiful Looks. Looking in the mirror, thinking, when did my hair get so thin? Well, you are certainly not alone. Around the age of 40, many of you might have begun to notice that your hair is getting thinner, hair loss, or even patches, as you observe yourself in the mirror. Well, running to your plastic surgeon to get a hair transplant is not the only option you have. If you do not wish to go that route, our experts at Fowler35 would like to lengthen, increase volume, and tone what you already have, giving you beautiful, and healthy hair like it once was with luxurious Hair Extensions.

We Craft Solutions to Boost Your Personality

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With extensive experience, the Extension experts at Fowler35 understand how important Hair and Hair Extensions are for women and the confidence boost it can give you; which is why we offer a professional service of cutting, colouring and fitting the hair extensions in London either in the comfort of your own home or in our London Salon. We offer exceptional services AROUND LONDON AND BEYOND!

Extensions are 60% Match 40% Expertise

Yes, that’s what our experts say! A perfect colour match, along with the natural shape and flow of the hair is the overall preferred effect when deciding to get hair extensions, after all. No one would be able to tell! At Fowler35, we always aim to make sure your new hairstyle complements your entire look, hair type and lifestyle.

Hair Extensions London

Experience Racoon's Luxury Extensions with fowler35

We all understand how important it is to look and feel your best; however, for us, it is even more important that you leave our hair salon with a gorgeous look that no one can believe is enriched with the help of some extensionist magic.

Luxe Bond Extensions

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Racoon’s Luxe Bond Hair Extensions are made of premium Remy hair of ultimate quality. It can be curled, straightened and coloured. Luxe Bond can be worn for at least six months and easy up to one year with regular maintenance and rotation.

Luxe Link Extensions

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Racoon’s Luxe links Hair Extensions are the smallest Micro Rings available on the market, which makes them discreet to the eye and comfortable to wear. Racoon’s premium Remy hair is the ultimate quality. It can be curled, straightened and coloured.

Luxe Weft Extensions

London Hair Extensions

Racoon’s Luxe Weft Hair Extensions have a superfine, ultra-flexible micro header which makes them discreet to the eye and comfortable to wear. Racoon’s premium Remy hair is the ultimate quality. It can be curled, straightened and coloured. Luxe wefts can be worn for up to four weeks before being removed re-conditioned, re-taped and re-applied.

Why Choose fowler35 for Your Next Hair Transformation?

High-quality Hair

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We only use high-quality 100% human hair extensions (Remy Hair) from the number one extension provider Racoon International, best colour matching, a safe hair extensions application and natural-looking results tailored according to your needs and hair. We at Fowler35, guarantee you will want to “whip your hair back and forth” as you leave our hair salon with your beautiful hair.

A Completely Customized Solution

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One of the most common beauty trends of 2020 is crystals. We can give this trend a spin on your hair with rose quartz balayage. A pop of colour can be attractive and a lot easier to maintain than colour allover.

Our clients Choose fowler35 for their Big Day!

Hair Extensions London

fowler35 is deemed as the Queen of Hair Extensions in London, and this really isn’t an exaggeration. Our valued clients have even chosen us to do their wedding hair – the best day of their lives.
In the course of your hair extensions consultation, our team of expert hair extensionists will suggest different kinds of application methods suitable for you, and which hair texture is the perfect match to your own hair. One of the best factors that make us a huge success in hair extensions is that we try to create the most natural-looking hair extensions that will not be seen as hair extensions and will blend in with your own natural hair.

Feel the Fowler Difference with Our Expert Extensionists

Hair Extensions London

All our hair extensionists are highly experienced, educated professionals who will make sure your results look natural, and your hair stays healthy. At Fowler35, we pride ourselves on our unique personal touch, attention to detail and great customer service and is awarded Best UK Salon 2020 by Woman & Home Magazine and London Salon of the year 19/20 by Hair Magazine Hair Awards.

Ready to get Longer and Thicker Hair with Racoon Hair Extensions?

We are offering all our new Hair Extension clients a 15-minute complimentary consultation. In your consultation our Extensionists will do a thorough examination of your hair type, texture and your face type, advising you just the right look, colour and length for your extensions. Give us a call on 020 7580 3449 or Book Online today to get the hair you always dreamt of!

Hair Extensions

  1. Why fowler35 & Racoon International

    Hair extensions can give you instant texture, volume, length and style – instant colour too without the need for a patch test. Racoon Luxe Bond can give you whatever you desire, be it the latest red-carpet look, luscious volume or a flash of colour. With a range of 25 colours to choose from Luxe Bond extensions can be blended to perfection and if necessary can be coloured up to 6% peroxide by our professional extensionists. Whatever you want – Racoon has it all!

  2. Are Hair Extensions just for adding length?

    With Racoon International hair extensions, not only can you achieve beautiful glamorous length and va-va voom volume, you can transform fine, thinning hair into thicker luscious lengths. Use a dash of colour to add texture and depth with highlights and lowlights or even reconstruct and alter an existing style with a fringe, layers and creative geometric shapes. With Racoon International the possibilities really are endless!

  3. How discrete are Luxe Bond extensions?

    The bonds created in Racoon’s Luxe Bond system are small and discreet, no bigger than the size of an uncooked grain of rice. They are also translucent, taking on the colour of the client’s own natural hair making our Luxe Bonds virtually undetectable. The unique formula of our bonding material is easy to apply and quick to remove, leaving no trace or residue.

  4. How discreet are Luxe Link extensions?

    The smallest micro links available. Each Luxe Link is rounded off at the edges and creates a unique internal belt which grips and protects clients’ hair when it is crimped. The link is discreetly hidden under the hair extension attachment making them very discreet, so clients can confidently wear their hair up.

  5. How discreet are Luxe Weft extensions?

    Racoon Luxe Wefts are far smaller than most other wefts. Micro in size, they can be worn discreetly with hair up or down. The ultra-superfine, flexible micro header makes them virtually undetectable, discreet to the eye and comfortable to wear.

  6. Is the hair re-usable?

    Yes, provided the correct maintenance and aftercare guidelines have been followed Racoon's hair is fully re-usable. Part removal and re-application take place every four to six weeks when you return to our salon for regular ‘rotation appointments’ to re-site extensions as your hair grows.

  7. How many Luxe Bonds are needed for a full head application?

    Every client is different and the number of Luxe Bonds required depends on the client’s wants and the expert advice of a certified Racoonista, who needs to take account of existing hair length and density. Depending on the size of the head and the thickness of the hair (thicker hair needs more, thinner hair needs less) on average, a full head application uses between 125 – 150 Luxe Bonds.

  8. How long can the extensions be worn? (Link & Bond)

    With regular salon maintenance and the use of Racoon-Xtend care products, Luxe Bond and Luxe Link extensions should last for at least six months and easily up to one year.

  9. How long can the extensions be worn? (luxe wefts)

    Luxe Wefts can be worn for up to four weeks before being removed, refreshed and reapplied and this can be done on up to five occasions.

  10. Can I get a perfect colour match?

    Yes. Racoon’s exclusive colour matching service means we can order bespoke blends of shades to perfectly match your own hair. Racoon’s Luxe Bond method is a loose hair system which allows us to blend a mix of hair shades together to achieve the most natural of looks. With an extensive palette of colours to choose from, Racoon’s Luxe Bond system achieves natural, multi-toned colours to seamlessly match your own hair colour.

  11. Does the bond damage hair?

    Some hair extensions can seriously damage hair. However, Racoon International hair extension systems are scientifically proven by an independent trichologist not to damage hair provided they are applied and maintained by one of our extensionists and the aftercare guidelines are followed. Luxe Bond extensions are applied weight for weight so there is no excessive strain on the hair making them kind, gentle and damage-free.

  12. Is the hair ethically sourced?

    Racoon International hair is sourced via a well-established supply network providing human hair to the extensions industry for generations. By working closely with their supplier network, Racoon international can guarantee the ethical sourcing of all their hair.

  13. Is the hair expensive?

    Racoon International’s premium quality hair is very competitively priced. Their Luxe Bond hair extensions when looked after can also be economically re-used and reapplied making them great value for money – just a couple of reasons why Racoon is the No.1 in hair extensions and our choice.

  14. Will glue be applied to my hair?

    Absolutely not, Racoon extension hair is not glued in. Their unique formula bonding material creates tiny bonds to secure extension hair to fine sections of your own hair. Easy to apply it is also quick to remove, leaving no trace or residue.

  15. Will they slip out of the hair?

    Your extensions will not slip out provided you correctly maintain and look after them.

  16. Do they leave any matting / residue in the hair?

    No; provided they are removed and rotated every 4 to 6 weeks and the appropriate aftercare guidelines are followed, you will not experience any matting or residue from Luxe Bonds.
    Top Tip: separate your bonds every day – ideally two or three times a day. Use your fingers to gently tease apart any extensions which have ‘locked’ together. Neglecting to do this can lead to ‘dreadlocking’ where several hair extensions cling or ‘lock’ together.

  17. Are they suitable for clients with fine hair?

    Yes, very suitable as they will give marvellous volume and enhanced texture.
    Top Tip: If you are suffering from medical hair loss or extremely fine or thinning hair your extensionist may recommend Racoon's Luxe Bond Hair in Recovery system.

  18. Are they suitable for clients with oily hair?

    Racoon extensions are suitable for all hair types. Luxe Bonds are suitable for clients with oily hair (who tend to shampoo more frequently) and for sporty clients or those who regularly swim or visit the gym. Your hair will be cleansed with specially formulated Racoon X-Tend Detox shampoo before Luxe Bonds are applied.

  19. Do the rings / links need silicone inserts?

    No; there is no need to line Luxe Links with silicone as the links will not damage your hair. As the hair attachment sits above the link, there is no need to allow room for the extension hair or hair tip to sit inside it, meaning the links are safe to use and won’t slip, despite being the smallest on the market.

  20. Are they safe to remove?

    Extensions removal must be carried out by one of our certified stylists. Our unique removal process ensures your hair extensions can be removed quickly, leaving no trace, residue or damage to your natural hair.

  21. How long would it take to remove a full head?

    Approximately 30 to 40 minutes but each client’s need varies. Check with your Racoon-certified stylist.