Brazilian Keratin Treatment For Dry, Frizzy and Color Treated Hair

Brazilian Keratin Treatment is one of the keratin treatments that has penetrated in the market. With Brazilian hair treatment, you can obtain results such as preserving the volume of curly hair, eliminating frizz and straightening curls. Its application is fast. It requires a lot of heat with the dryer and sealing with a hair straightener. What is most appreciated is that it can last up to six months.

Keratin treatment is one of the most efficient ways to achieve softness and shine in the hair. If you have dry, frizzy, or curly hair, it is necessary to give it a lot of care. This makes straightening hair more convenient. If you want to adopt a straightened hair look, you must first know about products for keratin treatments and hair care. Your hair type also influences the result delivered by the recommended product.

What is keratin treatment?

Keratin is a protein component that has the function of generating the body that is produced in small quantities. This formula can help in the repair and nutrition of the hair ultimately. That is, from the root while attending one of the most vulnerable areas. But it also provides a significant benefit, and that prevents the hair from frizzy curls. One of the characteristics is that Brazilian keratin treatment is the most requested in beauty centers. It repairs the hair fiber and nourishes; leaving with shiny, manageable, and silky hair.

 Keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout

For curly and frizzy hair, a keratin treatment is recommended for scalps that want to move from defined curls to wavy hair. The specialists recommend not washing the hair for seven days so that the product penetrates well. After this period the result is visible: a healthy, restructured and very well hydrated mane. With a Brazilian blowout, you will achieve streamed and straight hair. Do not get tangled between keratin treatment and the Brazilian blowout.

Advantages of keratin treatment

Keratin is an ideal treatment for women with wavy hair and curls who always dreamed of straight hair. It depends on the curlers you have. You will get the straight end or a soft mane. In Brazilian Keratin Treatment, it is of great importance to have all the reflections and analyze both the benefits and the cons that you can have. Here we leave you a list of advantages that we know can benefit you for the application of a keratin treatment:

  • The primary function of keratin is to repair and nourish the hair from the damage caused. This treatment you will get a lasting hair straightening. This is because once you apply it, they will limit you from the use of equipment that exposes you to abuse such as iron, hairdryers, or some hair bleaching treatment.
  • To repair and nourish your hair, trust this keratin treatment to recover each hair fiber naturally.
  • Similarly, the reconstruction of this hair fiber allows you to protect your hair healthily.
  • Zero frizz. The mane is entirely soft, silky, and manageable.
  • Its result lasts approximately six months.

Duration of the best keratin treatment

Once you apply the Keratin treatment and see the results, it is the first guarantee you will want to tell. How long does it last? The first thing you should keep in mind is the care you should have in the application of the treatment so that you have a lasting effect. However, in general, a keratin treatment can last at least three months, and you could even get six months. The line of shampoo and conditioner that you use for cleaning should not contain sulfates. It is undoubtedly the best choice for the hair to retain all the properties that keratin gives them. It is better than the first time you decide on a professional stylist. The stylist can recommend specific hair serum.

Rely on Brazilian hair treatment from a professional stylist

Keratin is applied in small amounts about fifteen times per application and passed through heat. Therefore, you must choose a professional stylist for your hair.

Reasons to get a keratin treatment in your hair

  • Keratin is a fibrous protein and makes up almost 100% of nails and hair. It is necessary to eat dairy foods and animal proteins.
  • It happens that when we reach a certain age (after 30), our cells begin to decrease their production. This causes our hair to lose volume.
  • In addition to this, our hair is affected by bad environmental conditions, pollution, and the application of strong products or doubtful quality. This kind of abuse results in dry, fragile, porous hair that, in some cases, becomes brittle.
  • Keratin treatment or Brazilian keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout applied topically, is highly recommended.
  •  It is not only to achieve smoother hair, as an anti-frizz treatment for those with rebellious curlers but also to strengthen and reinforce any hair.

Factors to consider when choosing a keratin treatment

The truth is that you should not abuse keratin treatment. Although these products give you softness and shine, its application is aggressive. Between treatment and usage, you can ensure hair care with natural products and shampoos without sulfates or sodium, which help keep hair straightener. It is necessary to know that it is not a slurry, but a treatment that seeks to moisturize the hair is a factor to consider.

Find out the suitable candidates for a keratin treatment

Keratin eliminates frizz in the hair. One of the wars that keep women and hair. This evil is produced, among other things, by the lack of keratin. Almost no type of hair escapes this problem and therefore, using a keratin treatment helps us fight it. Keep in mind that there are different types of hair, know how to treat them, according to their structure:

  1. Normal: This type of hair is considered ideal. The one that many women want, because it does not generate much or little fat.
  2. Dry: The fat in this kind of hair is scarce, which makes it brittle. Applying a keratin treatment will help to give it softness and shine. If your hair belongs to this group, you should strive to keep it hydrated.
  3. Oily: Unlike dry hair, it produces excess fat. It generates a sensation of dirt. In any case, you must maintain the hygiene of your hair and try to wash it regularly. You should never apply a keratin treatment to this type of hair, as it would become oily is excess.
  4. Thin/fine: It is fragile hair, which is easy to comb. It is recommended to use protectors so that it does not break easily. Some shampoos can increase the volume. If you have this hair and want to give it volume, you should not use keratin for the hair, as it will end up weakening it.
  5. Thick: It is a hair that can be cataloged as it has a lot of volume. It can be easy to handle but should not be neglected. It is a candidate to apply a keratin treatment.
  6. Curly: This kind of hair is prone to breakage. So it is also a candidate for keratin treatment. Those who own curly hair should learn to hydrate the hair. To maintain it, you may need to use moisturizing hair treatment. It is often confused with frizzy hair.
  7. Wavy: this hair is less curly, usually thick and slightly more hydrated than the previous one. It is an ideal type of hair to apply an anti-frizz treatment.
  8. Straight: it has softness and shine. It has less volume than the previous ones. It is advisable not to use excessive conditioner in it. This type of hair is not manageable. You do not need intensive treatments to maintain more than regular care.

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