Bohemian hairstyles are loved by women all over the world for summer and autumn months and are insanely popular due to the fact they are so beautiful to look at and easy to carry off.

Today a natural and healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, and people are definitely bringing back some 70s inspired styles within their fashion and hairstyles. Bohemian hairstyles are definitely coming back in trend and it’s not traditional bohemian looks, it has evolved into styles that are entirely stylish and trendy.

Seen on the catwalk and brought back to our salon is the iconic wet to dry look with a twist.

Initially, hairstylists used gel to create androgynous looks but are now entire ly feminine! It’s a wet look, perfect for every occasion. It’s especially suitable for a professional appointment, but also if you love street style. Hair gel not only creates the looks we all know but is also perfect for fixing updos and ponytails, another seasonal trend. There’s just one fundamental rule: do not overdo it!

Achieve this look by heating the gel up on your fingertips. If you have short hair, you should apply it only with your hands. Instead, for medium and long hair, you should use a damp comb. If you want to go the extra mile, you can twist the hair to add a modern touch.

So comb your hair backwards and add gel, for a chic and wet effect.

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