10 Winter 2019 Hair Trends You Need to Know About

Winter Hair Trends 2019

These looks are about to be everywhere.

Halloween is around the corner, but that isn’t stopping us from talking about winter hair trends. It’s now time to get on-trend, so you don’t fall behind in your friend group to hear about this season’s hottest hair trends winter 2019!

We are here to help you out to stay up to date, and we have been flicking through Insta for a while to find you ten hair trends that are going to be major this winter.

Save these styles and bring them to your appointment to stay ahead of the curve. Pretty soon, you’ll have your friends’ group chat blowing up with texts like, “Wait, I think Kayle Jenner just copied your look.” You are welcome

1, Blunt Bob

Lobs have gotten a lot of attention recently (don’t stress though, they aren’t going anywhere), but this season, the bob will come back to the red carpets. What’s that mean for you? Time to cut your hair super short. Like Olivia Culpo post-Nick Jonas breakup short. Are you scared to short? It will grow back…and there’s always hair extensions that you could wear during the grow-out phase.

2. Striking Hair Accessories

Hair accessories or hairpins have blown up recently, and they’re here to stay. Think of these gorgeous pins as the older, more sophisticated sister of the clip you used to throw in your hair when you were 6. Whatever length your hair is, you can always pin a couple into your hair to level up your look.

A trend within this trend this season is Pearl hair clips so is you find one on highstreet make sure to get one before it’s too late!

3. Sophisticated Bob

Did you just cut your hair and need another way to style it? Meet the sophisticated slicked-back bob, a look that’ll be on every winter hair trend list this season. Not only does it make your hairstyle look modern and edgy, but it’s also simple to recreate. Just grab a touch or two of flexible hair gel to lay down your bob and tight. We recommend L’Oréal Tecni ART Transformer gel-to-foam for that extra sleek finish.

4. Winter Beach Waves with Straight ends

Beach waves in winter you might ask!? Yes, It might be winter, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up your favourite summer look. In fact, it’s the perfect style for the season because it gives you that “I woke up like this” look that you see in Insta all year round. Style with some sea-salt spray and scrunch your hair for texture, marvellous look.

5. Slick Pixie Cut


If you haven’t realised that this is the season to go short, We’re going to tell you again – You should cut your hair short this winter. A sleek and stylish pixie cut is the way to go. Straighten your hair before you slick it down with small flat iron.

6. High Pony Tail

Normani served us so many looks in her “motivation” music video, so it makes sense to take a page our of her book this winter and rock a high pony. Take your high pony to the next level by adding a cute hair clip to make to look pop.

7. Brushed-Out Curls


For a nostalgic trip back to the 70s this winter brush out your gorgeous curls with a boar-bristle-brush to make them look full and voluminous.

8. Choppy Lob

Become the rock-star among your friend this winter with this rock-star vibe look, go for a choppy layered lob. If you have fine hair, you may need to give your hair a little volume boost though. Use a volumising spray or powder to help lift your roots.

9. Double Buns


Whip up some double buns this winter – no over necessary. All you’ll need is rat-tail comb, hair gel, and bobby pins and you can copy the same style as Justine Skye this season.

10. Soft Bangs

From experience, it’s way easier to take care of bangs in the cold than it’s in the gassing heat. Seriously, winter is the perfect time to give yourself a face-framing fringe. Just spray hairspray on your bangs to keep your flyaways in place during the day.

BONUS. Extra Long Hair

Ok, so we talked about that you should go short this winter, but how can you resist this ass-grazing long hair?? It’s going to be another significant winter hair trend that you’re going to want to get in on. Just sit back and let your stylist do the work. All you need to do is ask for some extra long hair extensions! And one of the benefits is that you can throw away your scarf as your hair will keep you warm and cosy. You are welcome.

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