Couture Fashion Week was certainly home to some of the most daring and beautiful hairstyles seen on the catwalk this year. And looking back at them, most certainly everyone is excited for the upcoming fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Here, we go over what we thought were the most iconic hairstyles of the catwalk, and what we hope to see more of in the upcoming fashion weeks.

Head Bands

Head bands are one the trendiest hair accessories, to have feature in your hairdo this autumn. They add the perfect touch to any outfit and can bring any style your wear from basic to eye-catching! Material headbands in particular are not only back in style, but they’re cooler than ever. The easiest part is actually the styling; you can throw a fabric headband on with a messy bun for a cooler casual look, or a slicked back pony for a more retro feel. To read more on hair accessories read our blog.

(Dundas, Getty Images)


It’s no doubt that wigs are seen on almost every model or influencer these days. Wigs come in a variety of colours, and styles making them the perfect alternative when you just can’t deal with your natural hair. This glossy fringed bob was a very popular look amongst the Fendi models, as they all had this same wig ranging in a variety of colours. These glossy wigs brought the looks together making the models all look extremely classy and sophisticated.

(Fendi, Getty Images)

Beach Waves

What would summer be without beach waves? And just because they’re popular during the summer, doesn’t mean you can’t bring them into the autumn season. This style is one of the most influential from Couture Fashion Week, as you can very easily re-create it at home by plaiting freshly washed hair before bed. It is totally fuss-free, and always stylish, being able to go with near enough every outfit you have planned. Only a few of the Jean Paul Gaultier models rocked beach waves, but the ones who did certain stole the runway! Read more about how to achieve the perfect beach waves on our blog.

(Jean Paul Gaultier, Getty Images)


Who said braids are just for festivals and not formal occasions? These super sophisticated braids ruled the Valentino runway and made the look even more striking. To learn more about how to achieve the perfect braids, and the perfect accessories to style them with. Read more about it on our blog about braids.

(Valentino, Getty Images)

Low Slicked Back Ponytail

Kaia Gerber graced the Haute Couture runway, with her stunning makeup, outfit and hairstyle. The model was dressed in a voluminous, feathered, green-ombre gown, and its evident this look blew everyone away. The extra look was perfectly paired with the Low Slicked Back Ponytail, to give the perfect balance of extra and chill. The Low Slicked Back Ponytail is easily achieved by creating the perfect middle parting, using a light gel for a glossy look, and tying your hair tightly and neatly.

(Givenchy, Getty Images)

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