Stylist Switching Paranoia?

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Dear friends of fowler35,

You know that old saying ‘it’s not you, it’s me?’….well we know that sometimes that can apply to your hairdresser, but it can be embarrassing to start going to a different stylist in the same salon right?

Well, we are here to make it easier for you. Our priority is your great hair, and if you want to swap stylists, or try a different stylist from time to time, that is completely cool with us. We are here to serve you first and foremost, and know things change – it happens to all stylists (and we know clients often suffer from stylist switching paranoia).

We have so much mutual love and respect for each of our team members and we’d be so happy for you to see any one of them. We get that sometimes you want a change, and if you love the fowler35 vibe and service but need something different, we can work together to make sure we match you up with who is right for you, and your hair, right now.

So if you’d like to try someone else out we have a service to help you find the right person. We will arrange for you to spend time with Darren or Jude who will spend time with you either face to face, or on a video call to talk through your needs. Contact

See you in the studio soon – if you have not got a diary date with us yet, you can call us on 0207 580 3449 or book online HERE Using the booking tool to your right (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile)

Love Darren & the fowler35 team X

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