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Top Coat and Gloss

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The Sports Luxe trend may appear to be comfortable and effortless, but it requires more skill and commitment than one might assume. The key to this look is about finding the perfect balance of sports pieces and luxe pieces. Combine the edgy sportswear pieces with more classic, feminine pieces to balance the look out.

This look created by the Fowler35 team features one of the top sports brands Adidas. A brand famously worn by celebrities such as Kylie and Kendall Jenner. This Adidas jacket is very popular amongst young people today, going easily with every outfit. Whether that’s for a festival or a night out. With the sophisticated slicked topknot, the look instantly becomes sports luxe, as the casual Adidas jacket and topknot balance each other out. 

This ultra glossed top knot, is the perfect clean fresh and contemporary hairstyle. To achieve this glossy look use a shine top coat; we recommend L’Oreal Techni Art Ring Light. This is L’Oreal’s first micro-dispersed high shine spray for the lightest, yet shiniest ring-light effect. 

Spray this magical topcoat in a halo effect over the finished look for extra shine and a gloss effect. Perfect for any looks; especially slicked and ultra-shiny updo and ponytails. 

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