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Temporary Colour

Why Temporary Colour For Hair Is Better Than The Permanent One?

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Are you looking for a terrific hair color that does not last for over two to three washes? Have no worries because a stupendous collection of stunning temporary colour for hair is now available for you. You literally get dozens of options and that too without any kind of an enduring commitment. Does it not sound tempting? All you need is a bit of maintenance, effort and budget in order to rock a totally fresh look every single week.

How Does Temporary Colour Work?

The way temporary colours work is much simpler as compared to those treatments that involve permanent colouring. Instead of staining your hair shaft, temporary colours add a coat that is made to stay for shorter periods. The time that this temporary coat of colour takes to fade away may vary a little from person to person depending upon how absorbent the strands of your hair are.

If your hair have a solid protective layer of cuticle, the colour would start petering out after about two shampoo washes. On the contrary, if you are one of those individuals who have a weaker cuticle, then a tinge of tint might be visible on your hair for a relatively longer period of time. The utilization of heat while applying hair colour can also make it stick around slightly longer.

Benefits of Applying Temporary Hair Dye Spray

Following are some of the top advantages that are offered by temporary hair colours.

  • No Commitments

The most obvious and perhaps the biggest upside of giving preference to temporary colours over the permanent ones is that you will not have to stick to the same color for months. Whenever you feel a tad bored or long to try something different just wash your hair a couple of times with a quality shampoo and you are good to put on a totally different temporary colour.

In addition to it, you will not be forced to use special hair care products that you would have in case of permanent colouring in order to make the dye last longer. Non-permanent hair colours allow you to live your routine life without making any significant alterations to it.


  • Perfect For The Try Outs

It is true that when it comes to choosing a hair colour even after taking a lot of suggestions you still may feel somewhat hesitant about it. In such situations you can first apply temporary colour for hair. If you are satisfied with the results then you can decide to keep it. Otherwise it will fade away after approximately two washes anyway. It is always a safe bet!


  • Absolutely Safe

Unlike permanent coloring treatments, the temporary hair dye spray does not contain extremely strong ammonia based chemicals since they are not meant to provide permanent dye. Temporary colours do not alter the texture of your hair because they are not made to penetrate the protective layer of your hair. As a result of it, you can keep on changing the look of your hair without compromising their overall health.

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