How to Select the Right Foils Hair Colour


Picking the perfect colour for your hair foils can be a little tricky. In order to find out an ideal shade it is essential that you carefully take into account what suits your personality and what simply does not. To achieve this it is advised to consider both the colour of your eyes and skin tone while selecting a hair colour.

By comprehensively reviewing these basic yet vital elements, you will be in a good position to select a foils hair colour which is extremely flattering. Instead of clashing with your personality, it would compliment it. A subtly chosen hair hue can altogether cheer up your face and skin tone.

Similar to how you prefer outfits in the colours that look stunning on your body type, your skin and hair should go well with each other. Therefore, if you have dark, brown or pale skin you must always mull over how various foils hair shades will modify your appearance. Following is a guide for you on how to choose the best hair colour according to your particular skin tone.

Pale Skin

If your skin is pale along with beautiful coloured eyes, then a contrast created with the help of dark brown and black hues would give you a mesmerizing look. Reds and blondes are good options too in case you do not prefer to create contrast of foils. Typically pale skin further has varied tones, such as pink, red and blue undertones. Mocha brown, violet red and icy blondes are some of the colours that would complement red and pinkish undertones. Some other hair colours like champagne and platinum also suit pale skin.

Brown Skin

European, and naturally tanned brown skin tones are generally warmer as compared to pale skin. Thereby, they look significantly better with warm and rich foils hair colour. Dark browns and dark blondes are considered to be the most perfect hues for brown skin. Colours like golden browns, mocha, caramels and honey-shaded blondes are always a smart choice if you have this skin tone. The reason behind it is that these colours would always offer you a gleaming complexion.

Always try to stay away from those shades that match too closely with the tone of your skin. Such colours will wash out your entire persona. There is a rule of thumb for it. It is always better to prefer a darker colour for your hair as compared to the tone of your skin. Also try out violet based hues, ebony browns and earthy browns.

Dark Skin

Individuals with dark skins can pick one of the two main ways to do their foils hair. They can either select a colour that’s relatively darker or lighter as compared to their natural skin tone. This will allow them to create a magnetizing contrast. The coolest hair colours for this specific skin tone are inky black and dark espresso. If your skin tone is warmer, then colours like toffee, maple brown and mahogany can also augment your overall beauty and personality.