It would be ace to say we had our own ‘cool-hand-Luke’ at Fowler35, but we can confirm that although Luke is cool he’s definitely a key part of keeping us on the straight and narrow in the salon, rather than the opposite. As well as looking after his burgeoning client list, Luke travels the world to teach with Darren assists backstage at Fashion Week whenever her can.



I can help you if you are nervous or have had a previously bad experience

My favourite type of hair to cut is curly, because curly haired clients are scared of hairstylists and hairstylists are scared of curly haired clients!

The product my clients love is Kérastase Ciment Thermique or Kérastase Elixir Ultime Oil

I love doing gents hair because I feel I connect with them best

My best piece of hair advice is hair stylists love photos, they are a visual representation and window into what’s on your mind

If you only do one thing with your hair please invest in a decent quality shampoo and conditioner, it’s a game changer.  Why invest so much into a high-end cut and colour and not look after it properly?

I do a killer short back and sides sans clippers for the boys and Kate Middleton-esque boho blowdry for the girls

The hair trends I’m loving at the moment is gents finally investing in their hair, care and routine.  And girls finally embracing the pastel pinks, peaches and hidden rainbows

The stores I would like to max out my credit card are Paul Smith in Covent Garden or Tom Ford in Sloane Square

My guilty pleasure is Heinz Tomato ketchup with everything!