Andria has been with us her whole hairdressing life and has turned into our salon colour countess. Her passion for colour can be seen in her trademark pink hair and drives her to create beautiful colour – from pale to vibrant – for her super-fan clients. She teaches hairdressers around the world how to colour hair, and is also an experienced hand backstage at fashion week. Hair Colour London

I can help you if you have a hair dream within reason obviously – I’m not Harry Potter and I don’t have a wand!

The product my clients love is Smartbond, which keeps hair in immaculate condition whilst achieving amazing colour results

Come to me for the best colour you’ll have or if you want a colour change

My best piece of haircare advice is to invest in good haircare! Hair Colour London

The one thing you should never to do your hair is never ever use a box dye

My favourite hair colour is anything bright and shiny – I’m a magpie

I do killer unicorn hair Hair Colour London

My favourite country is Cyprus because it’s sunny and my family are from there

The thing I most like about myself is I think I’m hilarious Professional Hair Colourist 

Bet you didn’t know that I can play the violin and make the best dahl you’ll ever taste