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Yuko Straightening

Do You Have Frizzy Hair Or Struggle With Unruly And Unmanageable Locks?

If the answer is yes and you’re lusting after silky, smooth hair that’s effortlessly tamed, then our experts at Fowler 35 have just the right solution for you. Fowler35 offers Yuko Straightening in London that drastically lessens frizz and softens hair, leaving you with hair that is seriously easy to manage

What is YUKO?

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YUKO Hair Straightening, also called Japanese hair straightening, is the world-renowned U.S. patented method recognised as the prominent brand of chemical hair straightening that offers you low maintenance, hassle-free, shiny, straight hair. No matter how unruly or curly your hair is, YUKO will fetch the results you’ve always desired.

Why We Endorse YUKO – The Unique Process

This is a ground-breaking thermal straightening method that employs heat to restructure the hair’s internal protein bonds to offer sleek, shiny, straight, and smooth hair. Frizzy, curly, dry, coloured and damaged hair can all be treated to provide you with a permanent low-maintenance, smooth, shiny, straight replacement.

Sealing Protein into Your Hair

The YUKO process is unique since it repairs hair by sealing in silk protein, collagen, keratin, and amino acid into your hair to help revive the hair shaft. It alters the structure of your hair, instead of simply applying a product that will ultimately wash out.

What is Yuko’s main active ingredient?

Ammonium thioglycolate is the key active ingredient that transforms the internal structure of the hair.

The difference between Brazilian/Keratin Treatments & Yuko?

Yuko refers to a Japanese Chemical Straightening system that alters the hair’s internal bonds, leaving the hair permanently straight. Brazilian and Keratin treatments work by temporarily coating the hair to make the hair give a smoother feel but washes out after 3 months

Fowler35 Offers Individualized Treatment for Yuko Hair Straightening

We begin with an initial consultation to perform a hair analysis where we will determine your hair type, history of chemical treatments, dryness and damage level to determine if the treatment is appropriate for you and to discuss with you the anticipated results.

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The treatment itself consists of a series of steps to prepare and treat the hair before the straightening (ironing) phase using a patented, specifically designed, heated iron to lock in moisture. After the application of a neutraliser, we will flat iron and blow dry your hair to ensure a flawless outcome.

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What After-Care Do We recommend After Yuko Hair Straightening?

For the initial 48 hours after the treatment, we suggest that you do not wash your hair, tuck your hair behind your ears with pins, clips or bands. In order to maintain your hair in the ultimate state, we offer specialist products and monthly maintenance treatment.

Book a Yuko Hair Straightening & Repair Consultation with Fowler 35,

Your first step towards silky straight hair is to call Fowler35 Salon on 0207 5803 449 to book in for a consultation. Our specialist will conduct a detailed consultation to analyse your hair type and condition. Our experts will determine if the treatment is appropriate for you, and we’ll be able to discuss the results you can expect to accomplish with your individualized hair treatment.

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