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Texture, Curling and Waving

It is not a hidden secret that texture and curls are once again in the spotlight of hair fashion. This means Curling, Waving & Hair Perming are back in the spotlight, and our expert designers are happy to help you work with your own hair or to discover a chemical version. 

The concept of texture, wave and curls can be confusing, so our texture experts are here to help. We at fowler35 believe that hair should be viewed as a material. Sometimes we already have what we need but just don’t have the knowledge to deal with it. Our team undergo rigorous training to understand texture, curl, wave and coil. 

However, sometimes you need an extra helping hand to achieve your dream texture!

Savvas says, “The is nothing more fun than playing with texture. It’s a great way to change things up for us all, hair perming is no longer something of the 80s we now wave and partial perm to increase body, texture and curl… it’s amazing!”

curling & perming london hair salon

What Are Perms?

Hair Perming is a process in which we make use of chemicals in order to change the structure of our hair permanently. At Fowler 35, our texture specialists can offer you all kinds of results and assist you in achieving that particular hairstyle you are striving for.

  • Sara says ‘a chemical curl does not like to be overwashed or touched until completely dry. Maintaining condition is essential, and cleansing with the right product is essential!”
  • Vas reminds us, “If you want to colour your hair, it is always better to wait around two weeks after getting your texture procedure. However, this time period can vary from person to person and may alter the colour process you can have. Don’t worry we are here to advise”

What Are Curls?

The most important factor that differentiates the processes of Curling & Perming is how long they last. As mentioned above, the outcome of perming is long-lasting curls. 

On the other hand, curling is a temporary process. Curling or waving with a heated tool such as a  curling iron lasts until washed. Our expert designers at Fowler 35 will take you to 40s glamour or beach wave stunning. 

Lauren says “Curling allows you to get more customisable styles based on your personal preferences.”

Both Curling & Perming possess their unique benefits. However, we at Fowler 35 will consult and advise so you can finalise your decision.