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Curling & Perming

It is not a hidden secret that curls are once again getting the spotlight in the arena of hair fashion. Curling & Perming are back, and our expert hairstylists will not be surprised if you love and want them instantly. Moreover, you might also get confused with the concepts of curls and perms. Honestly, that is not your fault as it is really hard for an untrained pair of eyes to tell them apart. So our team of hair experts at Fowler 35 has decided to help you out in this matter by comprehensively elaborating the salient features of both perms and curls.

What Are Perms?

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Perming is a process in which we make use of chemicals in order to give curls to your hair permanently. At Fowler 35, our stylists are fully capable and experienced to offer you all kinds of perm wraps. They will assist you in achieving that particular curvy hairstyle that you are striving for. If you are still confused between Curling & Perming and what option would be the most appropriate for you, following are some facts regarding perming that will assist you in making this decision.

  • Even after the completion of this treatment, we will advise you to utilise hair care products to improve the condition of curls and prevent them from having problems like frizziness. You can get a variety of fantastic hair care products from Fowler 35 according to the exclusive needs of your hair.
  • If you want to color your hair, it is always better to wait around for two weeks after getting your perming procedure done. However, this time period can vary from person to person.
  • At Fowler 35, perming is done with the help of a chemical procedure that completely changes your hair’s structure. It does signify that perms are long-lasting and could stay for a long period of time. Therefore, you have to consider this aspect before actually going for this procedure.

What Are Curls?

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The most important factor that differentiates the processes of Curling & Perming is how long do they last. As mentioned above, the outcome of perming is long-enduring curls. On the other hand, curling is a temporary process. The curls you get with the help of iron curling do not stay there for long time periods. Our topnotch hairstylists at Fowler 35 can help you get any style from temple curls to beach waves. The following are some more features that are associated with curling.

  • Curling allows you to get more customisable styles based on your personal preferences.
  • In curling, you can adjust the device’s heat settings in order to minimise the damage to your hair.

Both Curling & Perming possess their unique benefits. However, we at Fowler 35 will advise you to carefully finalise your decision, especially if you are going to perming since it is meant to stay for longer duration. Plus after getting this procedure done by our highly talented stylists ensure that you take good care of your curls.

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