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Win back the sleek and shine with ah-mazing Luxury Brazilian Keratin Treatment with one of the finest hair care experts in the heart of Fitzrovia.
For most women (including, reportedly, our new royalty Meghan Markle), the secret to sleek, shiny locks sits at the end of a keratin treatment.
The Brazilian keratin is a hair smoothing, de-frizzing treatment which will enter your life like a blessing. It will change the way you style and care for your hair dramatically and breathe new shine into your locks. This exciting and state-of-the-art treatment transforms the hair beautifully, repairing and rehydrating by using keratin which builds a protective layer around your hair preventing them from further resulting in gorgeous smooth, silky and lush hair. This treatment could be just be the treatment of your dreams for your hair, get in touch with hair experts at Fowler35 for consultation.

What is fowler35’s Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

A Kerastraight Brazilian Treatment is a natural replenishing treatment, revitalizing the hair from the inside out, reconditioning whilst protecting the hair from water and environmental damage and enhancing its natural luster. Wait no more and say goodbye to bad rough hair days with this miracle treatment that not only smoothers and straightens your locks but also rebuilds and strengthens them. It’s a best hair treatment you can bless your hair with for its active keratin formula penetrates deep into each and every hair cuticle, resulting in soft, shiny nourished hair.
Achieve beautiful sleek hair in just 15 minutes with Brazilian Keratin Treatment at Fowler35s’
Okay! Let’s talk some science, for people to know Keratin is a natural compound found in hair, nails and skin. It fortifies and provides strength to your hair giving you gorgeous lasting results.

Our hair experts recommend Keratin after analyzing your hair type and their chemical history. Kerastraight Brazilian is long-lasting treatment depending on how often you wash your hair. It mostly lasts for up to 3 to 4 months, gradually fading from the hair. This wonderful treatment works like magic on your hair, once completed, it can save you from all the struggling hours of styling unruly, frizzy hair. It reduces the need for excessive blow drying and ironing, giving you sleek and more manageable hair.

Brazilian Keratin is one of the best salon hair treatments that we are offering, it rejuvenates and revitalizes the hair, giving it a sleek, lusher feel that nobody can take their eye off.

Our ultimate mantra t Fowler35 is your great hair matter! And we live by it. We only use quality products on your great hair and highly avoid the use of any strong chemicals to open and close the hair shaft in order to straighten the hair. Our treatment process includes a relaxing 10 minutes massage as a love tribute to your hair for all the battles of coloring and blow-drying they survived!