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Vas | Hair Colourist

fowler35 Hair Salon
fowler35 Hair Salon

Winner of L’Oréal Colour Trophy Women’s Image 2016 & 2019!

You may have noticed him during your visit because not only does he make his clients look gorgeous and effortlessly glam, he’s very good at listening. After a few hours with Vas, everyone looks and feels better!

Drawing is another of his talents and he’s a trained illustrator. This helps him greatly with his balayage, he paints on colour with the skill of an artist. He’s also able to visualise the overall look so he can intuitively see how to make a client look their best. It worked especially well when he won the L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2016 and 2019. Out of all the thousands of salons in the country, nobody has the vision like our Vas.

Vas loreal colour throphy

Q&A With Vas

Experiment with styling, so if you normally wear your hair straight try curling it or a soft wave. Don’t be afraid to play and mix up your look, we often full into ‘safety looks’ and not changing up our style.

The classic is a silk pillow, it won’t pull on the hair like cotton can, making your blow-dry last. If you really want to protect your style and give it longevity a hair net always helps. You might look like Nora Batty as you sleep but the old school techniques work the best.

Spending just a little more time when styling hair in the morning and sealing the ends of the cuticle when blow-drying will help prevent frizz. However, there are also some fantastic serums available too that aren’t too heavy, I would recommend either L’Oreal Mythic Oil for finer hair and Kerastase Elixir Ultime for thicker hair.

Winning the L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2016 and 2019 have been the highlight of my career, of course. I am also working on some creative shoots on the side which is exciting! I’m exploring different areas of hair fashion, stretching myself and coming out of my comfort zone. So, I would say right now is a hugely exciting time in my career and an ongoing highlight.

Coming from a creative background and one like illustration, I am always thinking of design and visualising the overall look which helps in either consumer hair or when designing a look for a shoot.

Social media is a big virtual source but I would say just day to day life, being inspired by art and my surroundings. I like to visit galleries and also studied film so these are all great sources of inspiration for me.

Complimentary 15 minutes colour consultation is available with Vas. Book online today!