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Savas – Hair Designer & Colourist

Savas is a highly professional hair stylist and colourist with many years of experience. He loves his clients, and they love him right back!

Savas has a passion for creating unique looks that are perfect for each person’s individual personality. You’ll leave his chair feeling like you’ve stepped into the spotlight, ready to take on the world!

More about Savas

What is your hair superpower?
Positive energy. See the outcomes.

What do you love to do with hair?
I love cutting curly hair. It’s great fun but it requires a great deal of knowledge and understanding.

What is your greatest skill as a stylist?
Understanding masculine and feminine shapes, and creating contemporary haircuts is my thing.

What do you talk about with your clients?
Fashion , style, South Africa and all things plant-based.

Why did you get into the hair industry?
Knowing how much my own style means to me, it dawned upon me that i could have the opportunity that i could do this to others by working in the hair industry.

What is your personal passion?
Saving the planet is up to all of us; we only have one world. I believe in making it better for all our futures by doing something every day that benefits the planet.