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Sara | Hair Designer

fowler35 Hair Salon
fowler35 Hair Salon

Sara is our one to watch, with over 10 years of experience in the industry she’s often seen backstage at photo shoots and fashion shows alongside our founder Darren fowler. Sara has a love for beauty and fashion, and her passion lays in client care and creating individual looks and styles for her clients.

My colleague Vas and I came up with our winning look. We created a unique, dramatic colour with a classic blunt, sharp Bob. We wanted to capture something that was striking and had never been seen before on the catwalk.

With the support of Vas, we were constantly focused and determined and let all of our Emotions out on the look we created. Keeping ourselves occupied on the day distracted us and the nerves. 

I always recommend my clients the right hair product to their hair type, brunette or blonde. When colouring, you should always be using the right shampoo and treatment whether it is Kerastase or Shu Uemura, keeping your hair in great condition prolongs the colour, leaving your hair feeling nourished and radiant. 

To start tracking down the perfect hair colour for you, it’s essential to determine not only your skin tone but also your undertones. Cool and warm tones always depend on the ideal hair shade, and not only that but bringing out your lines of beauty. As a hairstylist, I always advise what’s right for their complexion and what suits the individual. 

Using a colour shampoo and treatment for home and salon use always prolongs the colour. Using these daily locks the colour and keeps the hair shiny and vibrant. I always advise different shampoos for different hair colours; for example, if you are a blonde, you should be using a blonde shampoo from either Kerastase or Shu Uemura witch can eliminate that dull, brassy feel.

With that particular lifestyle, I firstly always go by the shampoo they use. Using a non-oily shampoo can reduce the number of hair washes needed. My second tip would be dry shampoo, a convenient way to spray on the hair that disguises the oily roots. 

When the pandemic ends, people will want to have a sense of freedom and resilience, and therefore I think people will be more up for changing, whether it is radical or small. So I guess the hair trend would be confidence and, as a stylist, creating their character. 

As a newbie to Fowler35, I have created new looks that showcase my skills and the Fowler35 way. Creating that character for your client makes that individual unique and beautiful. You can see my work on Instagram @fowler35ldn. I also loved working with Darren on photo shoots, assisting him and creating stunning fashion looks. 

I find inspiration on social media, and Instagram is a great way to find imagery and videos that can inspire and learn from. Secondly, I love going to museums, and my favourite is the V&A museum. I love looking at the fashion and designers that influence their talent to the industry. Thirdly, I love being so inspired as a team, learning from each other I feel like it’s the best way to be the best hairdresser you can be! 

My goals are to be back in the salon and create beautiful looks for my clients, creating that unique character and showcasing my skills. I would love to do more fashion photoshoots, as my passion is up styling and Avant grade looks. And finally, learning from others, whether hair or lifestyle, can bring joy and confidence to 2022.