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Lauren – Hair Designer & Colourist

Lauren is a hair stylist and colorist who loves to change people’s moods and mindsets through hair. She specializes in blondes, highlights, balayage, scalp lightening, and playing with tones. She also loves big bouncy nineties blow-dries!

Her greatest skill as a stylist is colouring and lightening. She also loves to braid and do wedding hair—and tape extensions!

More about Lauren

What is your hair superpower?
Changing someone’s mood and mindset through hair.

What do you love to do with hair?
I LOVE my blondes – balayage, highlights, scalp lightener, playing with tones… the list goes on and on. I love a big bouncy nineties blow dry!

What is your greatest skill as a stylist?
Colouring, lightening, glossing and braiding are my strengths. I also love wedding hair and tape extensions.

What do you talk about with your clients?
Everyone always wants to know where I’m from! I love sharing telling them about Scotland and how I ended up here.

Why did you get into the hair industry?
My first boss opened my eyes to the art of hair. She showed me that making people look beautiful could really change the way they felt about themselves. Once I saw this was possible, there was no turning back.

What is your personal passion?
I love to travel and explore. I spend a lot of time seeking out new spots in London and wandering through the parks, as they remind me of Scotland.  I also love to paint; it’s just another way to let my creative juices flow!