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Jude – Hair Designer & Colourist

Jude and her Irish charm and passion for all things hair fits in perfectly with our salon ethos. She’s definitely focused on making her clients happy, and helping them have wearable styles that won’t take ages to maintain at home.

More about Jude

What is your hair superpower?
Creating wearable, everyday hair. I let the colour or cut do the talking so that my clients don’t need to spend too long styling it at home.

What do you love to do with hair?
I’m big on fringes, coppers and dark colours, bobs and midis. But most of all, I love it when my clients understand their cut and are able to manage it easily. I find out which tools they have at home so that they can switch things up for the weekend.  The ability to play with hair is part of what makes a style enjoyable!

What is your greatest skill as a stylist?
Creating natural, soft looks through cutting and colour.

What do you talk about with your clients?
THEM! I like to plan their hair journey with them. We talk about who they are now and who they want to be in the future.

Why did you get into the hair industry?
My mother and sister always had the ability to create their own style, and I found that really inspiring.

What is your personal passion?
Hair and music! My love of certain musical eras definitely comes across in some of the styles I like to create.