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Fabricio – Hair Designer & Colourist

Fabrício is an Italian-Brazilian hair and makeup artist specialising in the scientific techniques that create show-stopping, lustrous colours. His fifteen years of experience have made him a master of colour correction, colour changes and blond techniques. He is particularly fascinated by the interplay of cut and colour and treats each appointment as a collaborative discovery in personal style. Whether you want a new cut or to rethink your colour, Fabrício delivers practical and easy ways to accentuate your unique beauty.

With his adventurous spirit and irrepressible curiosity, Fabrício has worked and trained in Italy, America, Brazil and Portugal. He has found inspiration, joy and beauty in each culture, and brings all of this – and more! – to the fowler35 family.

More about Fabricio

Italian-Brazilian hair and makeup virtuoso Fabricio join the Fowler35 family with 15 years of rich experience. A master in colourimetry, he specialises in blonde techniques, colour transformations, colour corrections, and unisex haircuts.

A true globetrotter, Fabricio has honed his craft while working and training across Italy, the US, Brazil, and Portugal. He is passionate about respecting his clients’ wishes and offering practical, daily-life tips to emphasise their unique beauty with ease and elegance.

Fabricio loves the adrenaline rush that comes with colouring and the thrill of crafting a perfect cut. For him, every styling decision culminates in a stunning, complete look that enhances the client’s natural qualities. His journey into the world of hair began with makeup, which opened the doors to endless creative possibilities.

Driven by a passion for working with people, Fabricio thrives on building connections, exploring different cultures, and drawing inspiration from his travels. He firmly believes that his love for people and his artistry go hand-in-hand, allowing him to excel and cherish his work at Fowler35.