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Elisa – Hair Designer & Colourist

Elisa’s nickname Mrs Perfectionist really sums her up. With over ten years as part of our team, she loves to travel, hairdressing, her clients and educate others to become the best hairdressers they can be through her work at our very own fowler hair academy.

More about Elisa

What is your hair superpower?
I’m a mind reader! That, or I have a great memory and really listen to my clients. 

What do you love to do with hair?
I love perfect, classic, lines and beautiful expensive blondes! 

What is your greatest skill as a stylist?
Being one of the salon’s extension experts and having the tools to create a line instantaneously is always a joy for me.

What do you talk about with your clients?
I listen before talking and then let them lead the conversation. I find that if I listen closely enough, I can find the perfect style for them. 

Why did you get into the hair industry?
I would say because I like people. 

What is your personal passion?
Travel, people, dogs, reading and my home.