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Seoulista Beauty Brand banner

Inspired by the flawless skin and effortless style of South Korean women, Seoulista Beauty® sources innovative skincare from Seoul, widely regarded as the epicentre of beauty.

The beauty industry is famous for coining new phrases. Like the Parisienne and the New Yorker before her, the Seoulista is an icon of a new era. The term “Seoulista” embodies the flawless skin and striking South Korean beauty that Western women are trying so hard to emulate at the moment.

So how can you achieve this look? Rather than using makeup to cover blemishes, rather focuses on maintaining a healthy and glowing complexion. The Seoulista takes skincare seriously: the average Korean woman’s skincare regime contains 12 steps and can take up to 40 minutes each day. They invest heavily in skin care, addressing the source of any skin concerns with the latest beauty innovations.